St Norberts Community Hall

Our Community Hall is situated within our church complex, but has its own separate entrance to the far right of the building. It is used by many parish groups for social, educational and spiritual activities.

It is home to a number of groups and organisations within the locality and we have been pleased to host a number of conferences and day seminars for the local authorities.

We endeavour to constantly update the facilities. We now offer a full cold buffet catering service that can be adapted to your personal requirements. We can supply a projector and screen for power-point presentations. We have installed portable staging and, most recently, we are now fully licenced to offer full bar facilities for your functions – offering a large range of beers, wines and spirits.

A short video of the hall and facilities available can be seen here. This is a large file (16mb) so depending on your internet connection this may take a while to download.

We welcome enquiries from potential users and we invite you to contact our Parish Administrator, Katherine — Tel: 01775 722056 Ext 1. Alternatively use our online booking form and we will contact you.

The Terms and Conditions applicable for the use of the hall facility must be read, understood and agreed to before use

Terms and Conditions for the Hiring of St Norbert’s Community Centre

  1. The attendance in the hall shall be limited to 200 people, including all organisers, staff etc and in the meeting room to 20 people.
  2. The hirers must state on the booking form what use is to be made of the hall, or meeting room and must ensure that no other use is made of them.
  3. No alcohol may be sold on the premises by those hiring the facilities. Should a licensed bar be required St Norbert’s Community Centre reserves the right to operate the facility.
  4. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that no stiletto heels, tap shoes or footwear likely to cause damage to the surface of the dance floor is worn in the hall. No items are to be attached to the walls which may cause damage i.e. drawing pins.
  5. The hire of the hall or meeting room is for the times indicated on the confirmation of the booking. A period of 15 minutes either side of the hire times is allowed for setting up and clearing away. Any times outside these must be agreed with the Centre Manager and paid for.
  6. The hall and/or meeting room must be left in a clean usable condition. The hirer is responsible for clearing away all rubbish. The Church reserves the right to make an additional charge for any work needed to meet these requirements.
  7. The hirers are responsible to ensure that no un-prescribed drugs are brought into or used in the hall, meeting room or their surroundings.
  8. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that no riotous behaviour is allowed to take place in the hall, meeting room or in the surrounding Church premises.
  9. Any damage caused to the hall, meeting room or the surrounding areas of the Church is the responsibility of the hirer from whom the Church will seek recompense.
  10. All equipment in the hall belonging to the Church must be used with due care and consideration. Any breakages must be reported and the hirer will be charged for it.
  11. Any electrical equipment brought into the hall by the hirer, or persons hired by the hirer, must have been checked and certified as safe by a qualified electrician and must have a label signifying this fact with the name and contact telephone of the certifying electrician.
  12. The hirer, through the Church Insurance policy, is protected in the event that they are sued for having caused accidental bodily injury or illness to a third party and where the liability arises out of the hiring. The hirer, at their own cost, should undertake a risk assessment of their event and should, when required, take out additional insurance for events which pose additional risk.
  13. The hirer is responsible to ensure that no person attending the function enters the Church unless prior agreement has been received. As the hall and meeting room are directly adjacent to the Church this must be respected at all times.
  14. Cars must only be parked on the designated car parking areas.
  15. Clear access for emergency vehicles must be maintained at all times.
  16. For each event the hirer must appoint a responsible person who will have read the fire regulations, make the attendees aware of the requirements and must oversee any emergency evacuation. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times. All accidents must be recorded in the accident book.
  17. These terms cannot be amended unless agreed, with the Centre Manager in writing, before the event. Should any clause become unenforceable the remaining clauses still stand.
  18. St Norbert’s Community Centre reserves the right to cancel or alter a booking in the unlikely event of unforeseen changing circumstances.

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